I am Monee Green – Model – Goddess
Tantric Bodywork


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  • I will dominate you

  • Bondage Flogging CBT & More


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  • Feel electricity flow

  • between bodies during sex


full ceremony

  • Manifest what you want

  • through orgasm


12 hours

  • Personal 1-on-1 Time

  • with Monee


If you are seeking a Domme to open your heart, mind, and body then I am the one for you.

What is your fantasy?

I specialize in Humiliation, CBT, Electro Sex, Impact, Edging, O-Denial, Cuckholding, Rope, and more.


I will teach you everything you need to know to use electricity safely and effectively on yourself, your partner, and together.  I will de-mystify fears and show you how to play safely.  I will teach you the basics of how electrical current flows from various devices through the body and between two bodies.  You will learn about TENS units and electrodes.  I will show you ESCCEX (Electro Sex Couples Connection Experience), the ultimate power exchange.  You will learn how to use electricity to generate the feeling of intense pleasure. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will learn the art of getting and giving deep full body orgasms.

Start with an open mind and forget everything you think you know about electricity.


A Tantric Bodywork session will start with a short discussion revealing the important goals you have for yourself and discuss possible blockages you have in your Chakras that are inhibiting you from achieving what you want.  After that, you will disrobe and lay on a massage table where you will receive Tantric Bodywork where energy will be pushed through your body at various points with specific concentration on blockages at your energy centers, focusing on a higher power flowing though your body from the Root to the Crown Chakra and manifestation of your goals by using breathing and sensate focus techniques.  Then a slow purposeful sensual massage will follow, once again, with concentration on flowing energy.  You will feel a huge sense of release and will be able to, maybe for the first time, really relax into letting yourself go.  Most importantly are able to reconnect with all of the magical areas of your body feeling sensations and energy that has been missing or not fully realized.  At the end of the session there is a time of aftercare and some talking to fully understand the journey.


I  will teach you that SexMagic is not about sex. That sounds strange but in reality SexMagic, tantric sexuality, and other forms of sacred sex are all about getting the things in life that you want.

You will learn that when you are having sex an enormous amount of “energy” surrounds you. This energy can be released through orgasm and allows for magical tools to be charged or directed to help one’s Magic divinations. SexMagic is not about making yourself a better lover or giving you many positions on how to orgasm better. Sex Magic is all about using one’s body to reach focused objectives. Sexual energy is used to release the power from within.