I love to receive gifts!

Gift For Me
Gift For You

We are all here on this earth to share our gifts with one another.

Do you have a gift you can share with me?


One Time

  • I will buy myself a tiny thing.

  • Panties or Thigh-highs


One Time

  • I will buy myself a trinket.

  • Ear Rings or Necklass


Every Month

  • My Monthly Pampering

  • Wine and Whiskey

Send me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist

Ooh I love to be SPOILED!!  I love new things and I have exquisite taste.

Monee Green loves gift cards!

Send gift cards to info@moneegreen.com

Amazon Gift Cards make the perfect gift for me. Send them anonymously if you like and they arrive to my Monee Green email within 24 hours…usually within 15 minutes or less!